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NC State
The Poole College of Management is the business school of the North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina, United States. The college currently enrolls more than 3,500 students across its undergraduate and graduate academic programs. In the fall 2017 semester, there were 2,724 undergraduate and 828 graduate students. The college employs around 100 full-time faculty members across its four academic departments: Accounting, Business Management, Economics, and Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
Take the Smartest Route to MBA
At NC State, we put learning into practice — and leaders on the fast track. Whether you’re on active duty or transitioning from service, we provide the programs you need to advance in your career. Among them is an MBA with one of the top supply-chain management concentrations in the country. Jenkins MBA offers full-time, professional (part-time) and online options to meet the needs of active duty officers or those transitioning to civilian life.
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Veteran Benefits
  • Yellow Ribbon Program
    Articulation of Military Credit
    Tuition Assistance Top-Up
  • GMAT Waiver
  • Application Fee Waiver
Meet CPT Luke High

"My Army career goal is to be the best leader I can to the sons and daughters of America, making a positive impact on as many of them as I can … What I hope to gain and strengthen in the program are the people skills and relationship skills to keep helping people to the best of my ability"

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Nick Drake
Director of Military and Veteran Services
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A vibrant campus with something for everyone. A school that feels welcoming to veterans and makes service members a priority. The Belltower, among the most recognizeable campus icons, is dedicated to students who fought in the first world war. The ROTC program is run in state of the art facilities and in close cooperation with the command at Ft. Bragg.
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